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Attorney Discipline

Contacting the Board Office

  • If you wish to contact the 执行检察官办公室 about a case pending before the 专业责任委员会 or its Hearing Committees, please email the case manager.

           媒体查询,请发电子邮件 [email protected]

Cases of Public Interest

Click here 查阅涉及公众利益的个案. This page is intended to provide access to publicly available filings in cases of particular public interest pending before the Board or its Hearing Committees.


纪律大靠谱的滚球平台办公室 Operating Status during the Coronavirus Pandemic

**UPDATE:  JULY 13, 2021**

Due to health and safety concerns surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, the 纪律大靠谱的滚球平台办公室 remains closed to the public until further notice.  The majority of our staff continues to work remotely with some modifications to how services are provided.

  • 工作人员将继续通过电话和电子邮件回答询问.
  • 寄到我们办公室的邮件可能会有短暂的延误, 但是新邮件会被定期处理和审查.
  • Outgoing mail will be sent by email, when an email address is provided. Outgoing mail will be sent by USPS when an email address is not provided.
  • Information on How to File a Complaint.


The 纪律大靠谱的滚球平台办公室 now offers online ordering of 纪律证书.  印制证书的工作仍然暂停. The electronic delivery of a certificate will be processed upon receipt of the Certificate Request Form and payment. 大多数证书在两(2)个工作日内处理完毕. 我们不提供当日处理.

If you must pay for a certificate by check or money order, please complete the Certificate Request Form and return it, 连同你支付给“DC Bar”的$25,,寄给纪律顾问办公室,地址如下.  Please complete the form in its entirety to avoid processing delays.  请给我们额外的时间来处理您的邮件请求.

515 Fifth Street, N.W.
Building A, Room 117
Washington, DC 20001

有关证书的问题,请发送电子邮件 [email protected].

How To File A Complaint

How To File A Complaint

View instructions for filing a disciplinary complaint against a lawyer.




Attorney Discipline Search

Attorney Discipline Search

Find public disciplinary records, including recommendations and final orders.




Forms and Documents

Forms and Documents


Approved Iolta Depositories

Approved IOLTA Depositories


Opinions and Reports

Recent DCCA Opinions

Recent Board Reports

  • In re Bailey, 22-BD-037 (BPR 10/27/2023)
  • In re O’Neill, 23-BD-031 (BPR 9/11/2023)
  • In re Haines & Campoamor-Sanchez, 20-BD-041 (BPR 7/31/2023)
  • In re Johnson, 20-BD-020 (BPR 7/18/2023)




The 纪律大靠谱的滚球平台办公室 (ODC) was created by the 哥伦比亚特区上诉法院 to investigate and prosecute complaints of ethical misconduct against lawyers licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia who violate the D.C. 职业行为准则 (RPC).

规则规定了靠谱的滚球平台对委托人的义务, the courts, 以及公众在专业和私人交易中的表现. The purpose of this process is to protect the public by disciplining lawyers who violate the ethics rules. Our office cannot consider complaints against judges acting in a judicial capacity.

有关其他信息,请参见 Purpose and Mission.


纪律靠谱的滚球平台办公室不能代表你, give you any legal advice, 或者改变法院判决的结果.

The 纪律大靠谱的滚球平台办公室 cannot refer you to an attorney. You may consult the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center to obtain information about legal representation by calling their Legal Information Help Line at 202-626-3499.

Free Legal Help 

Contact the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center if you are an individual living in poverty who is at risk of losing your home, your livelihood, or your family. The Center also helps small businesses and community-based nonprofits needing legal assistance.

我和我的靠谱的滚球平台出了点问题. What should I do?

Try to resolve issues with your attorney by communicating your concerns clearly and asking for a response.  Your attorney should clearly explain the fee agreement and scope of representation, 让你随时了解你的案子的进展, and respond to any reasonable requests you may have for information.

If you feel that your problem is the result of poor communication or a misunderstanding between you and the attorney, you should have an open talk with the attorney before you file a complaint.


The D.C. Bar’s Find a Member feature provides the same publicly available contact information for attorneys that we would be able to share with you.  If you are still unable to reach your attorney, you may need to file a complaint with our office.


The D.C. Bar’s Find a Member feature enables a search of all attorneys licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia.  If an attorney is not listed as authorized to practice law and is advising you about D.C. law or representing you in Superior Court, please contact the 纪律大靠谱的滚球平台办公室.

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If you are not required to prove fitness or satisfy other terms prior to reinstatement (i.e., restitution or some other condition imposed by the Court), please contact the D.C. Bar Membership department. 如果你被吊销执照或被禁赛, you must file a petition for reinstatement and a reinstatement questionnaire (found in the forms and documents section). See Board Rule 9.1.


没有,我们目前没有电子归档系统. All filings should be made in hard copy, including one with an original signature.  Please consult the Board Rules to see additional requirements for each type of filing.


Complaints must be filed, in writing, with the 纪律大靠谱的滚球平台办公室. 投诉表格可在 How to File a Complaint section.


董事会规则可在 专业责任委员会 section.


The Board is currently recruiting attorneys and members of the public to be considered for appointment to Hearing Committees.  For more information, 或申请成为聆讯委员会委员, 请与执行靠谱的滚球平台办公室联系. 

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